Take a multiple bet and get 2.5% to 30% bonus automatically added to your betting slip when you take a multiple bet of 2 teams/legs or more! The more teams you put in your multiple bet the bigger the bonus!  Here is the bonus break-down:

> 2 Events - 2.5% Bonus

> 3 Events - 3% Bonus

> 4 Events - 4% Bonus

> 5-10 Events - 10% Bonus 

> 11-15 Events - 15% Bonus

> 16-24 Events - 20% Bonus

> 25+ Events - 30% Bonus   


1. This bonus is applicable on all soccer bets.

2. If any match is void (abandoned, postponed, cancelled) and the amount of events falls into a lower bonus category, then you will be paid on the lower category or the category that relates to the amount of RESULTED events on your ticket. For example: If your bet has 11 events and one event is declared void, then the bonus value on your ticket will be calculated at 10% for 10 events instead and NOT 15% for 11 events.

3. Maximum bonus amount is R900 000. 

4. Events on your ticket with odds 0.2 (1/5) or lower do not count towards the amount of matches on your ticket.  For example, if you have 10 events with odds above 0.2 and 1 event with odds 0.2 or lower, then you will get a 10% bonus for 10 events and NOT a 15% bonus for 11 events. 

5. If your bonus is not automatically shown on your ticket, then you do not qualify for the bonus.  There will be NO manual adding of bonuses to accounts or payouts.

6. This promotion is valid till 30 June 2019.