Get up to 10 times your money back in bonuses if you are 1 out. Take a multiple bet on 7 or more matches and if only one match or event loses you qualify for a money back offer. The more teams and the higher your odds, the more money back you can claim in bonus bets. For your ticket to qualify for this promotion, the following terms and conditions apply:




7+ Teams or Events

1 X (Refund)


11+ Teams or Events

2 X (Double Money Back)


15+ Teams or Events

5 X (Five Times Money Back)


21+ Teams or Events

10 X (Ten Times Money Back)



1. The above table represents the amount of teams/events required on your ticket as well as the minimum odds to claim money back. For example: you have a multiple bet with 10 teams and odds of 25/1, you then qualify for 1 x money back OR you have a multiple bet with 17 teams and odds 65/1, you then qualify for 2 x money back.

2. If one or more of your selections are void and the amount of selections / legs falls below 7, then your ticket will not count for the promotion. Only resulted teams / events count towards money back selections and categories. For example, you have multiple bet with 7 teams and one match is cancelled.  Your multiple bet now has 6 teams.  You do not qualify for the promotion.

3. If the odds on your ticket fall below the minimum odds requirement of 20/1, then your ticket will not count for the promotion even if you have 7 or more teams or events. Each money back category has a minimum odds requirement to qualify. For example, you have 10 teams on your ticket at odds 21/1 and one match is cancelled.  You now have 9 teams remaining but the odds on the 9 teams is 15/1.  You do not qualify for this promotion.

4. Maximum refund amount is R1000 in bonus money per bet OR per customer. 

5. Split tickets do not qualify for the promotion.

6. Bets taken with BONUS money do not qualify for this promotion.

7. This promotion is valid online and in Playa Betting Shops. Refunds for bets taken in Play Bets Shops will be put into your loyalty card as bonus money.  If you do not have a loyalty card, you can register a loyalty card in the betting shop with the manager.  If your local betting shop does not have loyalty cards, your stake will be refunded in cash.

8. Email to claim your bonus, (Tickets's can only be claimed within 7 day's after it has been settled)

9. To receive money back, your bonus balance on your account must be on 0. If you have a positive bonus balance then you will not be credited with a new bonus.

10. Withdrawal Terms and Conditions apply. If you make a withdrawal, any existing bonus balance in your bonus account will be forfeited and your bonus balance will go to 0.